Personal:   of, relating to, or coming as from a particular person; individual; private; home based.

Manufacturing:   the making or producing of anything; generation; examples - 3D printing, welding, woodworking, CNC and manually operated machining of products, sewing, artwork, etc.

Marketplace:   any centre where ideas, opinions, etc, are exchanged:  the commercial world of buying and selling goods and services; E-STORE, Local brick and mortar stores, flea markets, Auctions, etc.

Bratland 3D is a great tool for Community Wealth Building...

Bratland 3D enables everybody to create the products that they are passionate about and sell them on our Auctions page for lower fees than EBay. We are not limited to personally manufactured items but also trade personally owned items as well. This is an easy way to supplement your current income. Bratland 3D is more than just a website, it is a revolution. Registration is FREE.

What is Community Wealth Building?

Traditional economic development wastes billions of dollars of taxpayer money to subsidize the profit of corporations with no loyalty to the communities who foot the bill. But there's an alternative: community wealth building, which focuses on building collaborative, inclusive, and locally controlled economies.

American Manufacturing - Did You Know?

A look at the state of the manufacturing industry in the United States. As seen at the Second Annual "Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing: Jobs, Trade and the Presidential Election" on March 27, 2012.

Ignite Ithaca - The Personal Manufacturing Revolution

Presented at Ignite Ithaca #1 April 15, 2010 at Pixel Lounge, Ithaca, NY More info: Presenter: JEFFREY LIPTON Jeffrey Lipton is a PhD Student in the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab. He works on developing digital fabrication technology and applications. He founded the Cornell Fab@Home student project team, and is one of the designers and directors of the Fab@Home project. The project is an open-source world-wide collaboration on personal fabrication. Jeff has published on architectural and culinary applications of digital fabrications as well as novel processes.

Introduction to Personal Manufacturing

A glimpse of what can be achieved in the home or small office by using 3D Printing to turn your ideas into products.

What is Community?

What does community mean for you? As an Open Polytechnic student enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work, you'll will learn what community means to different people and different cultures.


Wisconsin manufacturing has contributed to the great "American Dream" for many generations. The U.S. once built 66% of the world's goods and 75% of the world's automobiles. Manufacturing is one of the oldest industries in the technological world, but even the old has to continually implement new concepts and processes -- if it wants to maintain its competitive edge. Environmental issues, globalization, and old stereo type thinking about this industry have contributed to its negative perception and to the decline of manufacturing in Wisconsin and the U.S. This industry has always had the reputation of not needing any specific knowledge or skill to plan and execute and the disconnect between the educational systems and the manufacturing industry has contributed to a shortage of skilled workers that are desperately needed today and in the future. But within all these growing pains there is a great opportunity and hope for Wisconsin manufacturing to reinvent its self and become a world leader once again. The documentary will look at the history of manufacturing in Wisconsin, where it is today and what might manufacturing be like in the 21st century. MANUFACTURING THE FUTURE is a story about great possibilities.

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